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* No problems, one hitch easily sorted.
T - Essex
* Does exactly what it says on the tin, wish id used these guys first!
Gary - Manchester
* Ace, unlocked my cell as they said they would.
Jackson Wood - Texas
* Unlocked my Nokia  in under 10 mins! thanks very much mate.
Alan raw - York
* Great service just unlocked my HTC, well pleased.
P. Hall - Durham
* Easy to use, unlocked Samsung S5 within ten mins, does what they promise
Mr R - Kent
* Unlocked 3 phones, very easy and cheap, will use again.
Sam - Doncaster
* Worked first go on my sons experia, will use again soon.
Maggie - southampton
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www.unlockamobile.co.uk will unlock any mobile online today!, this page is designed to help you which unlocking company to choose online.

There are quite a few very good unlocking companies on the internet offering a very good professional service online, unfortunately there are many others who do not, many of these will actually sell you worthless links to our site or to another reputable unlock code website instead of actually unlocking your mobile phone!.

Free mobile codes unlocking, free unlock codes, any phone unlocked for free, have you seen these adverts?

There are many sites using these lines, basically, you will either be sold a link to a reputable website such as ours or the many others operating genuinely, or the free unlocking service will create your unlock code for free, however if you want to see it then you will have to pay, save yourself time and money and go to a reputable site, either ours or on of the many others who are specialists in the field of unlock mobile phones.

Unlock your mobile 99p, unlocking codes 99p, mobiles unlocked for 99p?,
many companies offer these claims.

As a fair company we do not believe in these unethical advertising practices, you will always find these prices are "from" price for generating your mobile unlocking code, in reality once theve taken you through a long process you will be charged much more, ethical companies involved in phone unlocks online will offer you a set price for all unlocking so we advise either use the service we provide on www.unlockamobile.co.uk or use anthoer reputable supplier.

Can making my phone sim free using unlocking codes damage my phone?

Absolutely not, unlocking your mobile cannot damage it, quite simply you are going to enter a code into the system to unlock it to all networks, either the code will be accepted resulting in a sim free phone, or the code will be rejected and your phone will remain locked to the network of your original sim card, there can be no damage to your device by using an online generated unlock code.

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